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Join us for an in-depth masterclass at 303Hz, covering two critical areas in the field of audio engineering. This session is designed to impart practical knowledge and introduce innovative tools in the realms of mixing and music production. 

1. **Optimal Monitoring Environments: From Room Acoustics to Headphones** This segment begins with an overview of studio room acoustics and the principles behind effective speaker placement, laying the foundation for understanding the challenges of headphone monitoring. The discussion will include common issues encountered when mixing on headphones and explore a range of solutions, including both professional and open-source software, aimed at improving accuracy and reliability in headphone-based audio workflows.

2. **Addressing the DJ Loudness War: Strategies for Balanced Audio Production** The second part introduces an open-source initiative designed to combat the ongoing loudness war among DJs. The presentation will cover the development and application of a loudness alignment tool, offering insights into how this technology can help achieve a more balanced and quality-focused approach to music production and playback. This session is aimed not only at presenting this pioneering solution but also at sparking a dynamic discussion on the subject.

About Yannik Brehm: 
Yannik is a multifaceted professional with a rich background in media technology, computer science, and the subcultural music industry. Graduating in 2017 with an engineering Bachelor's degree in Media Technology, he specialized in digital signal processing, audio engineering, and room acoustics. His professional journey began as a room acoustics engineer at a leading engineering firm in Düsseldorf. After a year, his interests pivoted towards computer science, leading him to complete a Master's degree in Media Informatics in 2022, focussing on machine learning, virtual acoustics, and real-time audio programming. Since 2021, Yannik has been instrumental as a backend software developer at Dear Reality, an audio software company within the Sennheiser Group. His work is centred around digital signal processing, audio programming, and innovating virtual monitoring solutions, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology. Parallel to his professional pursuits, Yannik has maintained a profound passion for music production and audio engineering. Starting his audio mixing and mastering journey at age 16, he now operates a small studio in the Düsseldorf area, specialising in mixing and mastering electronic dance music for local artists. Yannik's artistic endeavours are further exemplified under his artist's pseudonym, Hugo Dirac. Recently rekindling his activity as a music producer and DJ, he is preparing to release his debut tracks by the end of 2024. In addition to his individual projects, Yannik is an active member of About Repetition, a non-profit association dedicated to exploring serial minimalism in fine arts and electronic music.

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ხმის ჩაწერა

მუსიკალური სტუდია

დამწყები მუსიკოსებისთვის

ableton live -ის ინტენსიური კურსი


303 ჰერცი - გთავაზობთ ნულიდან შეისწავლოთ მუსიკა და მუსიკის წარმოების საფუძვლები, Ableton Live - ის მეშვეობით. ჩვენს . . .

mixing - post production


კურსის განმავლობაში აითვისებ მიქსინგისა და ინჟინერიის ტექნიკებს და შეძლებ საკუთარი კომპოზიციის . . .

Music Production - 3 თვიანი ინტენსიური კურსი


303 Hz გთავაზობთ ახალ 3 თვიან კურსს, რომელიც აერთიანებს: Ableton Live / Music Theory .



303 Hz გთავაზობთ, Audio Space-ის ხელმძღვანელობით, ახალ კურსს, სახელწოდებით - SYNTHESIS AND SOUND DESIGN .

რატომ არის აუცილებელი პროდიუსერებისთვის MIXING IN A BOX

Mixing In A Box - კურსი დაგეხმარება იმის სწავლაში, თუ როგორ დაინახო და შეაფასო მიქსში არსებული პრობლემები და რომელი ციფრული ხელსაწყოების გამოყენებით გამოასწორო ისინი, რომ ნებისმიერ საუნდ სისტემაში ჟღერდეს დაბალანსებულად.

"303Hz Stream Series" - ის შესახებ

წლებია ლაივ სტრიმები სკოლის განუყოფელი ნაწილია, თუმცა 6 თვეა უკვე სტრიმის სერიები ცალკე ბრენდად ვაქციეთ და პროექტის სახე მივეცით, რომელიც ბევრ ნიჭიერ არტისტს მასპინძლობს.